Salt & Pepper Shaker "Lover Birds Satzas"

Salt & Pepper Shaker "Lover Birds Satzas"

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Stylish set of white, ceramic, bird-shaped salt and pepper shakers. Birds nested in natural raffia, Simple & Stylish way to make a statement. Love Birds Salt & Pepper Shaker 
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    Each shaker measures 1 ½ " h x 2" w x 1 ¼ " d
    Gorgeous gift presentation includes light-brown, matte-finish GIFT BOX with artistically cut flap which lifts to display shakers behind clear, plastic window; delicate line graphics of trees and a branch with two kissing love birds appear on the outside of the flap, while the inside flap carries the same love-bird motif and the phrase "Two Little Love Birds Sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" A chocolate brown-satin ribbon and bow complete the presentation
    Gift box measures approximately 2 ¼ " h x 4 ¼ " w x 1 ½ " d
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